The rooms at Etihad

On Saturday the 4th of August my dad , jackson and me headed down to the football to see the mighty Kangaros play the Bull Dogs.

The first quarter was a poor effort from the roos and the second was not much better. The Third went well, but it all came down to the finall quarter. But….. 10 minutes before the end of the game dad’s brother Andrew (my uncle) called to see if we wanted to come down to the rooms to meet the players. Of course we said yes.

So we went down to gate two on the first floor, and watched the end of the game from the edge of the oval. Then we went down to the rooms. Everybody else had to stay behind a metal fence to watch, but we got to go right up close to all the players. When they came in they sang the song very loudly. Then some players signed 3 guernseys, mine, jacksons and another boy. We got a picture with Liam Anthony, Spud (Michael Firrito) and Nathan Grima. Spud seemed the nicest. I was so excited.